Exams and Achievements

The Achievements Office can help you with any questions you may have regarding exams and achievements, including:

  • Advice on examination issues
  • Examination entries
  • Special consideration
  • Examination timetables
  • Access to scripts
  • Re-marking of scripts
  • Certificates
  • Liaison with examination boards
  • Subject/candidate transfers

Enquiries about results - HE courses

For all enquiries surrounding assessment or exam results on HE courses, please visit our HE Taught Award Regulations page and refer to document B9 - Academic Appeals.

Enquiries about results - FE courses

If you feel that any of your individual unit marks are below what you realistically expected, there are various Post-Results Services available to you, depending on the course you have completed. We ask that you first speak to your tutor to clarify which (if any) service is available to you and before deciding whether or not to proceed. Please bear in mind that marks can go down as well as up.

Service 1: Clerical Re-check 
A re-check of all clerical procedures with access to scripts. This service does not re-mark a script but simply checks all aspects of administration relating to the script (adding up of marks etc).
Fee: Approx £10 per paper (costs vary by exam board)
Services 2: Re-mark 
A script may be re-marked with access to scripts. As a result, marks may go up or down, or stay the same.
Fee: Approx £30 per paper (costs vary by exam board)
Academic Appeals
The college offers a formal procedure of appeal against assessment decisions to ensure that students can be satisfied that assessments have been carried out fairly and assessment board decisions also made fairly and in the full knowledge of the relevant circumstances of the student.  Full details of this process are contained within the college's FE Appeals Against Assessment Decisions Policy.

Access to scripts

Requesting Original Scripts
In some cases it may be possible to request your original exam script.  All requests for Post-Results Services must be made via the Achievements Office and payment made at the Student Administration/Reception Desk before any request can be processed with an awarding body.  We advise that you discuss such requests with your tutor before proceeding.
Approx £10 per paper (costs vary by exam board).
Where there is a successful outcome and a mark is increased, you will receive a refund of the fee paid.

Certificates and results

Certificates will be posted to the address held on our College database or if you would prefer to collect your certificate in person, you can do so by visiting the Achievements Office. Find out more about collecting your certificates and results.

Contact us

For more information, contact the Achievements Office on:

T 01253 504 227