Exams and Achievements - Certificates and Results

Further education courses (and non-University higher education) - results and access to exam scripts

Results days

  • GCSE results day – 22 August 2019

Results slips will be available on the day from 8.30am to 2pm in the main reception area at the Bispham Campus. If not collected, they will be sent out in the post via first class mail the same day.

Enquiries about results

If you feel that any of your individual unit marks are below what you realistically expected, there are various Post-Results Services available to you, depending on the qualification you have completed. We ask that you first speak to your tutor to clarify which (if any) service is available to you and before deciding whether or not to proceed. Please bear in mind that marks can go down as well as up and there may be charges depending on the qualification awarding body and the service requested.

Service 1: Clerical Re-check

A re-check of all clerical procedures relating to the marking of a script. This service does not re-mark a script but simply checks all aspects of administration relating to the script (adding up of marks etc).

Services 2: Re-mark 

A script may be completely re-marked.

Academic Appeals

The college offers a formal procedure of appeal against assessment decisions to ensure that students can be satisfied that assessments have been carried out fairly and assessment board decisions also made fairly and in the full knowledge of the relevant circumstances of the student.  Full details of this process are contained within the college's FE Appeals Against Assessment Decisions Policy.

Access to exam scripts

In some cases it may be possible to request your original exam script.  All requests for Post-Results Services must be made via the Achievements Office and payment made at the Student Administration/Reception Desk before any request can be processed with an awarding body.  We advise that you discuss such requests with your tutor before proceeding.
Approximately £15 per paper (costs vary by examination/awarding body). Where there is a successful outcome and a mark is increased, you will receive a refund of the fee paid.

Degree-level courses - results and transcripts

Enquiries about results

For all enquiries surrounding assessment or exam results on HE courses, please visit our Higher Education Taught Award Regulations page and refer to document B9 - Academic Appeals.


  • No charge will be levied for first replacement academic transcripts originally issued prior to June 2011
  • A charge of £20 will be levied for replacement academic transcripts issued between June 2011 and June 2016.
  • From June 2016 Blackpool and The Fylde College and Lancaster University students have been provided with a HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) instead of a transcript, this can be accessed via Gradintelligence.

For further information or to request a transcript please email: transcriptrequests@blackpool.ac.uk.

1For Blackpool and The Fylde College and Lancaster University programmes only. Students who have studied with other awarding bodies should contact them directly.
2Availability of certain transcripts cannot be guaranteed.

Unless you wish to pick up your transcript personally, all transcripts are posted, 2nd class, free of charge anywhere in the UK however for international delivery an additional charge of £10 is required. Requests for transcripts to be delivered by recorded delivery in the UK will be charged at £4.50.

Certificates (all courses)

Certificates will be posted to the address held on our College database. It is a student’s responsibility to ensure the College holds up-to-date information on their personal records. You can update your details at any of the main reception points (across all campuses), or by contacting the Achievements Department on T 01253 504177.

Collecting certificates

If you would prefer to collect your certificate in person, you can do so by visiting the Achievements Office at our Bispham campus (room T105). Contact us on T 01253 504177 to arrange collection.  Please make sure to bring a form of ID with you.

What to do if your name is spelt incorrectly on your certificate

Any certificates with incorrect spellings would need to be returned to the Achievements Department, which would then be sent back to the Awarding Body with an amendment request. Awarding Bodies will not re-issue a certificate without the return of the incorrectly spelt one. It can take approximately 3-4 weeks for a replacement to arrive. Please return the certificate to the Achievements Office with a covering letter explaining details of the incorrect spelling. Depending on the nature of the spelling change (for example if any of your names have changed completely), you may need to supply evidence when returning your certificate for amendment (photocopy of passport, driving licence, marriage certificate, deed poll etc).

What to do if you have lost your certificate

If you have lost your certificate, it will cost approximately £40 to gain a Statement of Results or a replacement certificate (costs vary by awarding body).
The College is unable to provide replacement certificates. These can only be obtained directly from the appropriate awarding body.  For further details, see here.

Contact us

For further information, please contact the Achievements Office on:
T 01253 504177 
E exams@blackpool.ac.uk

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