Phil Bates

Studied Mechanical Engineering at B&FC • Graduated in 2008

My Story

My Story

At just 32, Phil is Senior Mechanical Design Engineer at Addison Project Plc, one of the leading engineering companies in Lancashire and the North West.

He said: “The knowledge and experience I gained from tutors at Blackpool and The Fylde College gave me the basis to achieve in my career, they have all been there and done it and could give real advice on how to get on and progress in the industry.”


My Most Recent Role...

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer at Addison Project Plc

How B&FC Helped Me

How B&FC helped me

The knowledge Phil had already gained at B&FC was instrumental in him securing the role with Addison. In particular, Phil mentioned the close links between the College and key employers through former students who now work in industry.

He said: “The tutors brought former students in to teach us part-time and they also offered workplace visits and experience with their own employers. We got some great insights with three or four engineering employers really early on in our training which helped embed our learning.”  

In his current role, Phil leads Addison's larger projects from a mechanical standpoint and, as the technical representative for the business, he is heavily involved in developing new standards. He is moving towards becoming an incorporated engineer with a professional industry body.

Phil added: "Don't give up, work hard and take every opportunity to progress in the career you want. No matter what your background, there are different options and routes you can follow, my experience proves that.”

Why B&FC?


Phil started his education with B&FC straight after leaving school in 2000 when he studied a National Diploma in Engineering Technology at the College. He then progressed on to the HND in Mechanical Engineering and, finally, the BEng top-up degree which he began studying full time.

He said: “I can’t speak highly enough of my experience and the tutors at B&FC, they kept me motivated and engaged through out my studies.”

However, while Phil was studying for his degree Addison contacted the College to ask about any potential candidates and Phil’s tutor Steve Ryan suggested he apply to go and work for the company.

Phil got the job and the College was able to support him in switching to part-time study to complete his degree.  

He added: “Gaining a full-time role in the industry and career I was studying towards was a dream come true and so I took the opportunity.”



“Don’t give up on your dream career, I didn’t expect to become a graduate but the different options and routes offered by the College gave me the right study options to achieve at degree level.”

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