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We have a range of courses that will help give you the basics you need to take your next step either onto a part-time or full-time career-focused course.

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English Courses

  • English Level 1
  • English Level 2
  • ESOL Reading
  • ESOL Speaking and Listening
  • ESOL Writing

Maths Courses

  • Mathematics Level 2
  • Mathematics Level 1

Health and Social Care Career Development Courses

Our career-focused courses in health and social care cover a wide range of areas, with full and part-time options to get you started on your chosen career path.

Health and Medical Professions
TitleCourse Code
Adult Care - Level 3SC1FE407
Adult Care - Level 3SC1FE408
Adult Care - Level 3 (Evening)SC2FE409
Alcohol Awareness - Level 1SA1FE023
Awareness of Dementia - Level 2SA2FE011
Awareness of Dementia - Level 2SA1FE039
Awareness of End of Life Care - Level 2SA1FE021
Awareness of Substance Misuse - Level 1SA1FE042
Care - Level 2SC1FE405
Counselling Skills - Level 2SC2FE317
Counselling Skills - Level 2SC1FE345
Counselling Skills - Level 3SC2FE361
Counselling Skills - Level 3SC1FE400
Falls Prevention Awareness - Level 2SA1FE015
Helping Skills - Level 2SC2FE374
Mental Health Awareness (Early Years Practitioners) - Level 2SC1FE390
Mental Health Awareness - Level 1SA1FE030
Mental Health Awareness - Level 2SC1FE396
Mental Health Awareness - Level 2SA1FE031
Mental Health Awareness - Level 2 (Evening)SC2FE397
Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care - Level 2SA1FE009
Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care - Level 2SC1FE398
Principles of Care Planning - Level 2SC1FE403
Stress Awareness - Level 1SA1FE038
Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities - Level 2SC1FE402
Understanding Behaviour that Challenges (Adults) - Level 2SC1FE404
Understanding Behaviour that Challenges (Adults) - Level 2SC1FE394
Understanding Dignity and Safeguarding - Level 2SA1FE016
Understanding Mental Health - Level 3SC2FE406
Understanding Safeguarding and Prevent - Level 2 (Evening)SC2FE381
Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties - Level 2SC1FE389
Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties - Level 2SC2FE389
Understanding the Principles of Dementia Care - Level 3SC2FE391
Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication - Level 2SA1FE014