Course TitleCourse Code
2D CAD - Level 2ET1EC318
Course TitleCourse Code
Abrasive WheelsET1EC300
Academic English - ESOLGC1EC2372
Access to English and Creative Writing - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE03
Access to Legal Professions - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE04
Access to Nursing and Midwifery - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE02
Access to Paramedic Practice - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE21
Access to Policing and Criminal Justice - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE22
Access to Science - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE05
Access to Social Sciences - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE06
Access to Social Work - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE23
Accident Repair Technician - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00010
Accountancy - Advanced ApprenticeshipWA00002
Accountancy - ApprenticeshipWA00001
Accounting - Level 2TP2FE009
Accounting - Level 2TP1FE005
Accounting - Level 3TP1FE006
Accounting - Level 3 Triple DiplomaTP2FE010
Accounting - Level 4TP2FE008
Accounting - Level 4TP1FE007
Accounting - Level 4 Higher ApprenticeshipTN00001
Achievement Measurement 2CE1EC159
Acting - BA Hons DegreeVP1HE50
Adult Care - Level 3SC2FE175
Adult Care - Level 3SC1FE238
Adult Care - Level 3SC1FE307
Adult Care Worker - ApprenticeshipWW00028
Advanced WordIC1EC018
Aerospace Engineering - BEng Hons Degree - TopupET1HE573
Aerospace Engineering - Foundation DegreeET1HE567
Alcohol Awareness - Level 1SC1FE379
Allied Heath Professional Pathway - Level 3SE1FE99
AM2 PreparationCE1EC09
Animal Science - Level 2ES1FE0018
Animal Science - Level 3ES1FE0019
Applied Science - Level 2ES1FE0015
Art and Design - Level 2VA1FE64
Art and Design - Level 3 Triple DiplomaVA1FE73
Art and Design - Level 3 Triple DiplomaVA1FE65
Assessing A1 Assessors (Assess Occupational Competence in the Work Environment) - Level 3WN1EE8059
Assessing A1 Assessors (Assess Vocational Skills, Knowledge and Understanding) - Level 3WN1EE8060
Assessors of Accident Damaged Vehicles -VDA Meets BSI 11025/PAS125EN1EE8154
Assistant Accountant - Advanced ApprenticeshipWA00008
Associate Project Manager - Level 4 Higher ApprenticeshipEN00009
Automotive Engineering and Technology (Motorsport) - BEng Hons Degree - TopupEA1HE119
Automotive Engineering and Technology (Motorsport) - Foundation DegreeEA1HE115
Automotive Engineering and Technology - BEng Hons Degree - TopupEA1HE118
Automotive Engineering and Technology - Foundation DegreeEA1HE114
Automotive Engineering and Technology with Foundation Year (Motorsport) - Foundation DegreeEA1HE117
Automotive Engineering and Technology with Foundation Year - Foundation DegreeEA1HE116
Awareness of Dementia - Level 2SC2FE353
Awareness of Dementia - Level 2SC1FE353
Awareness of End of Life Care - Level 2SC1FE377
Ayurvedic Indian Head MassageTB1EC03
Course TitleCourse Code
Back, Neck, Shoulder and Scalp MassageHB1EC361
Back, Neck, Shoulder and Scalp MassageTB1EC04
Bakery (Professional) - Level 2TF1FE048
Barbering - Advanced ApprenticeshipWH00021
Barbering - ApprenticeshipWH00016
Barbering - Level 2TC1EC005
Beauty Therapy - ApprenticeshipWH00004
Beauty Therapy - Level 2TB1FE01
Beauty Therapy - Level 3TB1FE02
Beauty Therapy -Advanced ApprenticeshipWH00006
Bench Joinery - ApprenticeshipWB00001
Bench Joinery - Level 2CC1FE111
Bench Joinery - Level 3CC1FE113
Bench Joinery -Advanced ApprenticeshipWB00010
BESCA Oxy/Acetylene or MMA Welding CompetencyET1EC301
Body and Paint (Body Repair) - Apprenticeship WM00003
Body and Paint (Refinishing) - Apprenticeship WM00008
Body and Paint - Apprenticeship WM00009
Body WrappingTB1EC06
Body WrappingHB1EC362
Bonding and Mechanical Fastenings AOM 133 BSI 11025 /PAS 125EN1EE8153
Bookkeeping for the Self-EmployedTP1EC014
Bread (Artisan) HF1EC02
Bricklaying - Level 2CB1FE166
Brickwork - Advanced ApprenticeshipWB00004
Brickwork - ApprenticeshipWB00003
Brickwork - Level 3 CB1FE168
Brickwork - Level 3CB1FE234
British Sign Language - Level 1GC2EC2446
Business Administration - Advanced ApprenticeshipWP00002
Business Administration - ApprenticeshipWP00001
Business Administrator - Advanced ApprenticeshipWP00039
Business and Event Management - Level 2TM1FE001
Business and Event Management - Level 3TM1FE002
Business and Financial Management - BA Hons Degree - TopupTH1HE157
Business and Project Management - Fast Track to a DegreeTM1FE009
Business Management (Digital Marketing) - Degree ApprenticeshipTN00013
Business Management (Digital Marketing) - Foundation Degree (Subject to Validation)TH1HE165
Business Management (Finance) - Degree ApprenticeshipTN00012
Business Management (Finance) - Foundation Degree (Subject to Validation)TH1HE164
Business Management (Human Resources) - Degree ApprenticeshipTN00014
Business Management (Human Resources) - Foundation Degree (Subject to Validation)TH1HE166
Business Management (Leadership) - Degree ApprenticeshipTN00011
Business Management (Leadership) - Foundation Degree (Subject to Validation)TH1HE163
Business Management - Level 3 Triple DiplomaTM1FE004
Butcher - Advanced ApprenticeshipWF00045
Butcher - ApprenticeshipWF00044
Course TitleCourse Code
Cake Decoration (Beginners)HF1EC11
Cake Decoration (Easter Goodies)HF2EC14
Cake Decoration - Stage 2TF2EC048
Cake Decoration - Stage 2HF2EC12
Cake Decoration for BeginnersTF2EC047
Cakes & BakesHF1EC04
Caring for Children and Young People - Level 2SC1FE370
Carpentry and JoineryCC2EC131
Carpentry and Joinery - Level 1CC1FE133
Casino Games Training - Level 2TG1FE12
Casino Games Training - Level 2 HG1FE24
Chef Production Cooking (Senior) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWF00048
Children and Young People's Workforce - Level 2SC1FE321
Children and Young People's Workforce - Level 3SC2FE219
Children and Young Peoples Workforce (Health and Social Care) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWW00010
Children and Young Peoples Workforce - ApprenticeshipWW00009
Chocolate Skills and NoveltiesTF2EC053
Chocolate Skills and NoveltiesHF2EC15
Civil Engineering - HNCCT1HE108
Classic 1:1 EyeLashesHB1EC375
Cleaning and Support Services - ApprenticeshipWF00038
Commis Chef - ApprenticeshipWF00047
Computer-Aided Design (3D) - Level 1ET1EC296
Computer-Aided Design (3D) - Level 2ET1EC297
Computers for AllGC1EC989
Computing (Computer Technologies) - Level 2IF1FE02
Computing (Computer Technologies) - Level 3IF1FE10
Computing (Hardware, Networking and System Security) - Level 3 Triple DiplomaIF1FE03
Computing (Software Engineering and Game Development) - Level 3 Triple DiplomaIF1FE04
Computing (Web Development Technologies) - Level 3 Triple DiplomaIF1FE05
Conflict ManagementTG1EC01
Conflict ManagementHG1EC05
Construction and the Built Environment - HNCCT1HE100
Construction and the Built Environment - Level 3 Triple DiplomaCT1FE130
Contact Centre Operations - Advanced Apprenticeship WP00020
Contact Centre Operations - ApprenticeshipWP00019
Control Infection - Level 2SC1FE376
Cosmetic Make-up and Beauty Consultancy - Level 2TB1EC10
Counselling Skills - Level 2SC2FE317
Counselling Skills - Level 2SC1FE345
Counselling Skills - Level 3SC2FE361
Couture Sewing TechniquesVE1EC39
Creative and Digital Media - Advanced ApprenticeshipWD00001
Creative Media Production (Film and Television) - Level 3 Triple DiplomaVM1FE228
Creative WritingGC2EC2190
Criminology and Criminal Justice - BA Hons Degree - TopupTH1HE159
Criminology and Criminal Justice - Foundation DegreeTH1HE158
CSCS Training/Test and CardCL1EC63
Cupcakes for FunHF1EC06
Customer Service - Advanced ApprenticeshipWP00029
Customer Service - ApprenticeshipWP00028
Customer Service Practitioner - ApprenticeshipWP00035
Course TitleCourse Code
Ear PiercingTB1EC05
Ear PiercingHB1EC372
Early Childhood Studies - BA Hons Degree - TopupSM1HE106
Early Childhood Studies - Foundation DegreeSM1HE105
Early Years and Primary Teaching Pathway - Level 3SE1FE342
Early Years Education and Care - Level 2SE1FE339
Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWW00008
Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) - Level 3SC1FE366
Early Years Workforce - Level 3SC2FE218
Easter GoodiesHF1EC09
Education and Training (Training and Development) - Level 3TE1EC02
Education and Training - Level 3HT1EC01
Education and Training - Level 3TE1EC04
Education and Training - Level 5TE1EC01
Education Training (Teacher Education) - Level 4TE1FE01
Electrical and Electronic Engineering - HNCET1HE577
Electrical Installation - Advanced Assessment of Competence (AAC)CE1EC158
Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures) - Level 3CE1EC156
Electrical Installations - Level 2CE1FE55
Electrical Installations 17th Edition - Level 3CE1EC153
Electrical Installations Inspection and Testing - Level 3CE1EC141
Electrical Installations Periodic Inspection and Testing - Level 3CE1EC142
Electrical Installations- Level 2CE2EC100
Electrically Propelled Vehicle Repair and Replacement - Level 3WN1EE8129
Employability Skills - TraineeshipWGSP1001
Engineering (Mechanical ) Part time - BEng Hons DegreeET1HE581
Engineering (Mechanical) - BEng Hons DegreeET1HE579
Engineering (Mechatronics) - BEng Hons DegreeET1HE580
Engineering (Mechatronics) Part time - BEng Hons DegreeET1HE582
Engineering - Level 2EC1FE412
Engineering - Level 3EC1FE420
Engineering - Level 3EC1FE416
Engineering - Level 3EC1FE419
Engineering - Level 3 Triple DiplomaEC1FE418
Engineering Maintenance (Manufacturing Pathway) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00004
Engineering Manufacturing (Electrical and Electronic) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00006
Engineering Manufacturing (Fabrication and Welding) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00002
Engineering Manufacturing (Mechanical Engineering) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00007
Engineering Manufacturing (Technical Support) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00003
Engineering Shipping and Maritime Operations - Level 3MF1FE03
Engineering Shipping and Maritime Operations - Level 3MF1FE18
Engineering Skills for Oil and Gas Industries (Mechanical, Electrical and Fluid System Maintenance Pathway) - Level 2EF1FE003
Engineering Skills for Oil and Gas Industries (Plate Work and Pipework Fabrication Pathway) - Level 2EF1FE001
Engineering Skills for Oil and Gas Industries (Welding MIG, TIG, MMA and Plasma Cutting Pathway) - Level 2EF1FE002
Engineering Skills for Oil and Gas Industries - Level 3EF1FE004
Engineering Technician - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00009
English - GCSEGK1FE2086
English - GCSEGK2FE2096
English - GCSEGK2FE2076
English - Level 1GB1FE1807
English - Level 1GB1FE1980
English - Level 2GB1FE1808
English - Level 2GB1FE1981
English for Literacy and Language Teaching - Level 3GT1EC126
English: Language, Literature and Writing - BA Hons DegreeVM1HE04
ESOL (Reading) - Entry Level 3GO1FE322
ESOL (Speaking and Listening) - Entry Level 3GO1FE317
ESOL (Speaking and Listening) - Entry Level 3GO2FE315
ESOL (Writing) - Entry Level 3GO2FE331
ESOL (Writing) - Entry Level 3GO1FE327
Course TitleCourse Code
Keeping Fit and ActiveGC1EC0002
Keeping Fit and ActiveGC1EC003
Keeping Fit and ActiveGC1EC1334
Course TitleCourse Code
Machinery (Introduction)ET1EC307
Maintenance and Repair (Light Vehicle) - Advanced Apprenticeship WM00004
Maintenance and Repair (Light Vehicle) - Apprenticeship WM00001
Maintenance Operations (Engineering Technician) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00008
Maintenance Operations - ApprenticeshipWB00007
Make-up (Theatrical - Special Effects and Hair and Media) - Level 3TB1FE05
Management - Advanced ApprenticeshipWP00014
Management In the Workplace - BA Hons Degree - TopupTH1HE155
Manicure - Level 2TB1EC11
Marine Biology and Coastal Zone Management - BSc Hons Degree - TopupES1HE04
Marine Biology and Coastal Zone Management - Foundation DegreeES1HE03
Marketing - Advanced ApprenticeshipWP00033
Marketing - ApprenticeshipWP00030
Mathematics - GCSEGK1FE3076
Mathematics - GCSEGK2FE0005
Mathematics - GCSEGK2FE0006
Mathematics - Level 1GB1FE1812
Mathematics - Level 1GB1FE1975
Mathematics - Level 2GB1FE1813
Mathematics - Level 2GB1FE1976
Mathematics for Numeracy Teaching - Level 3GT1EC125
Mechanical Engineering - HNCET1HE576
Media - Level 2VM1FE97
Medical Professions NHS Cadetship - Level 3 Triple DiplomaSE1FE359
Micro Loop Hair ExtensionsTC1EC003
Micro Loop Hair ExtensionsHH1EC137
Midwifery Professional Practice - Level 3 Triple DiplomaSE1FE368
MOS WordIC1EC007
MOT CPD TrainingEN1EE8152
MOT Test Centre Management - Level 3WN1EE8144
MOT Testing - Level 2WN1EE8132
Motor Vehicle Maintenance - Basic Techniques (Evening Class)EA1EC502
Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (Adult January Start) - Level 2EA1FE556
Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair - Level 1EA1FE573
Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair - Level 2EA1FE567
Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair - Level 2EA1FE575
Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair - Level 2EA1FE457
Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair - Level 3EA1FE455
Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair - Level 3EA1FE458
Motorsport - Level 2EA1FE476
Motorsport - Level 2EA1FE477
Motorsport - Level 3 EA1FE514
Motorsport - Level 3 Triple DiplomaEA1FE475
MRP/LEAN ManufacturingET1EC302
Music Technology - Level 3 Triple DiplomaVM1FE229
Musical Theatre - BA Hons DegreeVP1HE51
Course TitleCourse Code
Painting and Decorating - Advanced ApprenticeshipWB00011
Painting and Decorating - ApprenticeshipWB00005
Painting and Decorating - Level 1CP1FE88
Painting and Decorating - Level 2CP1FE75
Painting and Decorating - Level 3CP1FE76
Painting and Decorating - Level 3CP1FE86
Paramedic Professional Practice - Level 3 Triple DiplomaSE1FE369
Patisserie and Confectionery - Level 3TF1FE040
Pattern MakingVE1EC41
Performance Sewing SkillsVE1EC42
Performing Arts - Level 2VP1FE40
Performing Arts - Level 3 Triple DiplomaVP1FE38
Personal Licence Holders - Level 2HF1EC14
Personal Licence Holders - Level 2TF1EC045
Personal Training (Gym Based Exercise) - Level 3TS1FE123
Photography - BA Hons DegreeVL1HE13
Photography - Level 2VM1FE96
Photography - Level 3 Triple DiplomaVA1FE75
Photography: Developing Digital and Dark Room PracticesVE2EC31
Photoshop - Photo EditingGC2EC2116
Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health - Foundation DegreeTH1HE151
Plastering (Evening)CB1EC232
Plastering - Advanced ApprenticeshipWB00008
Plastering - ApprenticeshipWB00006
Plastering - Level 2CB1FE167
Plastering - Level 3CB1FE169
Plastering - Level 3CB1FE233
Plumbing (Gas-Fired) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWT00003
Plumbing - Level 1CM1FE251
Plumbing - Level 2CM1FE204
Plumbing - Level 3CM1FE254
Plumbing - Level 3 CM1FE252
Plumbing and Heating - Advanced ApprenticeshipWT00002
Plumbing and Heating - Apprenticeship WT00001
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) CourseET1EC306
Power Tools for DIY (Introduction)CC2EC132
Practical Home Furnishings (Introduction)GC2EC1990
Prep for A1 - Spouse/Family VisaGC1EC2358
Prep for B1 - Citizen/Settlement VisaGC1EC2359
Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care - Level 2SC1FE322
Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care - Level 2 (Evening)SC2FE322
Principles of Care Planning - Level 2SC1FE378
Production Arts - Level 3 Triple DiplomaVP1FE041
Professional Bakery - Level 3TF1FE054
Professional Cookery (Preparation and Cooking) - Level 3TF1FE050
Professional Cookery - Level 2TF1FE046
Professional Food and Beverage Service Skills - Level 2TF1FE053
Professional Graduate Certificate in Education - PGCETE1HE01
Professional Practice Health and Social Care (Children and Families) - Foundation DegreeSM1HE101
Professional Practice Health and Social Care (Mental Health) - Foundation DegreeSM1HE102
Project Fundamental Qualification (APM)EM1EC06
Project Fundamentals Qualification (Resit) (APM)EM1EC09
Project Management - BSc Hons Degree - TopupEM1HE503
Project Management - Foundation DegreeEM1HE508
Project Management Qualification (APMP)EM1EC08
Project Management Qualification (Resit) (APM)EM1EC07
Public Services - Level 3TS1FE18
Public Services - Fast Track to a DegreeTS1FE126
Public Services - Foundation DegreeTH1HE153
Public Services - Level 1TS1FE21
Public Services - Level 2TS1FE15
Public Services - Level 3 Triple DiplomaTS1FE16
Public Services and The Community - BSc Hons Degree - Topup TH1HE135
Course TitleCourse Code
Sales - Advanced ApprenticeshipWP00034
Sales - ApprenticeshipWP00031
Sales and Telesales - Advanced ApprenticeshipWP00040
Science (Chemistry) - GCSEES2EC0006
Science (Forensic and Medical Science Pathways) - Level 3ES1FE0003
Science (Forensic and Medical Science Pathways) - Level 3 Triple DiplomaES1FE0004
Science - Fast Track to DegreeES1FE0014
Scriptwriting for Stage, Screen and Gaming - BA Hons DegreeVM1HE03
Senior Panel TechnicianWN1EE8147
Sewing (Introduction)GC2EC2201
Sign Language (Introduction)GC2EC2216
Site Carpentry - Level 2CC1FE109
Site Carpentry - Level 3CC1FE112
Site Carpentry - Level 3CC1FE130
Site Joinery - Advanced ApprenticeshipWB00009
Site Joinery - ApprenticeshipWB00002
Social Media and Digital Marketing - Advanced Apprenticeship WI00002
Social Work Professional Practice - Level 3 Triple DiplomaSE1FE370
Software Development - Level 4 Higher ApprenticeshipIN00005
Software Engineering (App Development) - Foundation DegreeIH1HE11
Software Engineering (Games Development) - Foundation DegreeIH1HE12
Software Engineering and Games Development - BSc Hons Degree - Top upIH1HE05
Spanish Conversation (Improvers)GC2EC1487
Sport (Coaching, Fitness and Development) - Fast Track to a DegreeTS1FE127
Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness) - Level 3 Triple DiplomaTS1FE19
Sport - Level 2TS1FE32
Sport - Level 3TS1FE20
Sports Coaching and Exercise Instruction - BSc Hons Degree - TopupTH1HE128
Sports Coaching and Exercise Science - Foundation DegreeTH1HE150
Sports Massage Therapy - Level 3TS1FE122
Sports Studies and Development - BSc Hons Degree - TopupTH1HE127
Study Programme Gateway to FE - Entry Level 3GGSP1003
Supervising Food SafetyTF1EC060
Supervising Food Safety in Catering - Level 3TF1EC046
Supervising Food Safety in Catering - Level 3HF1EC13
Support Work in Schools - Level 2SC2FE316
Support Work in Schools - Level 2SC1FE339
Sustainable Waste Management - ApprenticeshipWE00013
The University of Salford
European Structural and Investment Funds
Council for Independent Education
European Social Fund
Lancaster University
Disabled Confident
The Queen’s Anniversary for FE and HE