Course TitleCourse Code
Abrasive WheelsET1EC300
Academic English - ESOLGC1EC2372
Access to English and Creative Writing - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE03
Access to Legal Professions - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE04
Access to Nursing and Midwifery - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE02
Access to Paramedic Practice - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE21
Access to Policing and Criminal Justice - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE22
Access to Science - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE05
Access to Social Sciences - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE06
Access to Social Work - Higher Education DiplomaTA1FE23
Accident Repair Technician - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00010
Accident Repair Technician - Advanced ApprenticeshipWM00015
Accounting - Level 2TP1FE005
Accounting - Level 2TP2FE009
Accounting - Level 2TM1FE017
Accounting - Level 3TP1FE006
Accounting - Level 3 Triple DiplomaTP2FE010
Accounting - Level 4TP1FE007
Accounting - Level 4TP2FE008
Achievement Measurement 2CE1EC159
Acting - BA Hons DegreeVP1HE50
Adult Care - Level 3SA1FE008
Adult Care - Level 3SA1FE007
Adult Care - Level 3 (Evening)SA2FE024
Adult Care Worker - ApprenticeshipWW00028
Aeronautical Engineering - Level 3 Triple DiplomaEC1FE432
Alcohol Awareness - Level 1SA1FE023
AM2 PreparationCE1EC09
Animal Science - Level 2ES1FE0018
Animal Science - Level 3ES1FE0019
Animal Science - Level 3 Combined DiplomaES1FE0032
Animal Science - Level 3 Triple DiplomaES1FE0017
AOM 030 Welding Training Bsi 11025 /PAS125EN1EE8127
Applied Health Science - Level 3ES1FE0021
Applied Science (Biomedical Science and Forensic and Analytical Science) - Level 3 Triple Diploma (NQF 2016 onwards)ES1FE0040
Applied Science - Level 2ES1FE0024
Applied Science - Level 2ES1FE0015
Applied Science - Level 3 Combined DiplomaES1FE0029
Architectural Joiner - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWB00021
Art and Design - Level 2VA1FE64
Art and Design - Level 3 Triple DiplomaVA1FE65
Art and Design - Level 3 Triple DiplomaVA1FE73
Assessing Competence in the Work Environment - Level 3WN1EE8182
Assessing Vocational Achievement - Level 3WN1EE8185
Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement - Level 3WN1EE8183
Assessors of Accident Damaged Vehicles -VDA Meets BSI 11025/PAS125EN1EE8154
Assistant Accountant - Advanced ApprenticeshipWA00008
Associate Project Manager - Level 4 Higher ApprenticeshipEN00009
ATA Light Vehicle Inspection Level 3 Pre MOT Course inc TrainingEN1EE8093
ATA Senior MET Re-Acred BSI 11025/PAS 125EN1EE8031
ATA Senior MET Training Full Route BSI 11025 / Pas 125EN1EE8030
ATA Senior Panel Assesment Only BSI11025/PAS125EN1EE8151
ATA Senior Panel Re-Acred BSI 11025/PAS125EN1EE8126
ATA Senior Panel Technician BSI11025/PAS125 Inc TrainingEN1EE8147
Automotive Engineering and Technology (Motorsport) - BEng Hons Degree - TopupEA1HE119
Automotive Engineering and Technology (Motorsport) - Foundation DegreeEA1HE115
Automotive Engineering and Technology - BEng Hons Degree - TopupEA1HE118
Automotive Engineering and Technology - Foundation DegreeEA1HE114
Automotive Engineering and Technology with Foundation Year (Motorsport) - Foundation DegreeEA1HE117
Automotive Engineering and Technology with Foundation Year - Foundation DegreeEA1HE116
Awareness of Dementia - Level 2 (Evening)SA2FE011
Ayurvedic Indian Head MassageTB1EC03