Course TitleCourse Code
Baker - Advanced ApprenticeshipWF00056
Baker - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWF00055
Bakery (Professional) - Level 2TF1FE048
Barbering - Advanced ApprenticeshipWH00021
Barbering - Level 2TC1FE16
Barbering - Level 3TC1FE17
Barista Skills - Level 2TF1EC065
Beauty Therapy - ApprenticeshipWH00004
Beauty Therapy - Level 2TB1FE01
Beauty Therapy - Level 3TB1FE02
Beauty Therapy Skills - Level 2TB1FE21
Bench Joinery - Level 2CC1FE111
Bench Joinery - Level 3CC1FE113
Body and Paint (Body Repair) - Apprenticeship WM00003
Body and Paint (Refinishing) - Apprenticeship WM00008
Body and Paint - Apprenticeship WM00009
Bricklayer - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWB00020
Bricklaying - Level 2CB1FE166
Brickwork - Level 1CB1FE239
Brickwork - Level 3 CB1FE168
Business - Level 3TM1FE020
Business Administration (Steps to Employment) - Level 2TM1FE016
Business Administration - ApprenticeshipWP00001
Business Administration - Level 3TM1FE015
Business Administrator - Advanced ApprenticeshipWP00039
Business and Event Management - Level 2TM1FE001
Business and Project Management - Fast Track to DegreeTM1FE025
Business and Project Management - Level 3TM1FE024
Business Management (Digital Marketing) - BA Hons Degree - TopupTH1HE168
Business Management (Digital Marketing) - Degree ApprenticeshipTN00013
Business Management (Digital Marketing) - Foundation DegreeTH1HE165
Business Management (Financial Management) - BA Hons Degree - TopupTH1HE169
Business Management (Financial Management) - Degree ApprenticeshipTN00012
Business Management (Financial Management) - Foundation DegreeTH1HE164
Business Management (Human Resource Management) - BA Hons Degree - TopupTH1HE170
Business Management (Human Resource Management) - Degree ApprenticeshipTN00014
Business Management (Human Resource Management) - Foundation DegreeTH1HE166
Business Management (Leadership) - BA Hons Degree - TopupTH1HE167
Business Management (Leadership) - Degree ApprenticeshipTN00011
Business Management (Leadership) - Foundation DegreeTH1HE163
Business Management - Level 3TM1FE022