Course TitleCourse Code
CAD - Computer Aided Design (2D) - Level 2ET1EC318
CAD - Computer Aided Design (3D) - Level 1ET1EC296
CAD - Computer Aided Design (3D) - Level 2ET1EC297
Cake Decoration - Stage 2TF2EC048
Cake Decoration for BeginnersTF2EC047
Care - Level 2SA1FE012
Caring for Children and Young People - Level 2SC1FE370
Carpentry and JoineryCC2EC131
Carpentry and Joinery (Architectural Joinery) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWB00023
Carpentry and Joinery (Site Carpentry) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWB00024
Carpentry and Joinery - Level 1CC1FE133
Carpentry and Joinery - Level 1CC1FE99
Casino Games Training - Level 2TG1FE12
CENWAT (Reassessment) CATCM1EC174
Chef Production Cooking (Senior) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWF00048
Children and Young People's Workforce (Social Care) - Level 3SC2FE219
Children and Young People's Workforce - Level 2SC1FE321
Children and Young Peoples Workforce (Health and Social Care) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWW00010
Children and Young Peoples Workforce - ApprenticeshipWW00009
Classic 1:1 EyeLashesTB1EC14
Cleaning and Support Services - ApprenticeshipWF00038
Colour and Lighten Hair - Level 2TC1FE14
Commis Chef - ApprenticeshipWF00047
Compliance Training (Amusements and Arcades)TG1EC09
Compliance Training (Bookmakers)TG1EC07
Compliance Training (Casino's)TG1EC08
Computers for AllGC1EC989
Computing (Computer Technologies) - Level 2IF1FE02
Computing (Hardware, Networking and System Security) - Level 3 Triple DiplomaIF1FE03
Computing (Software Engineering and Game Development) - Level 3 Triple DiplomaIF1FE04
Computing (Web Development Technologies) - Level 3 Triple DiplomaIF1FE05
Computing - HNCIH1HE16
Computing - Level 3 Combined DiplomaIF1FE15
Computing - Level 3 Combined DiplomaLY1FE1085
Computing Technologies - Fast Track to DegreeIF1FE10
Conflict ManagementTG1EC01
Construction - Level 3 Combined DiplomaCT1FE167
Construction and the Built Environment - HNCCT1HE109
Construction and the Built Environment - Level 3 Triple DiplomaCT1FE130
Contact Centre Operations - Advanced Apprenticeship WP00020
Contact Centre Operations - ApprenticeshipWP00019
Control Infection - Level 2SA1FE020
Cosmetic Make-up - Level 2TB1FE22
Cosmetic Make-up and Beauty Consultancy - Level 2TB1EC10
Counselling Skills - Level 2SC2FE317
Counselling Skills - Level 2SC1FE345
Counselling Skills - Level 3SC2FE361
Counselling Skills - Level 3SC1FE400
Couture Sewing TechniquesVE1EC39
Creative WritingGC2EC2190
Criminology and Criminal Justice - BA Hons Degree - TopupTH1HE159
Criminology and Criminal Justice - Foundation DegreeTH1HE158
CSCS Training/Test and CardCL1EC63
Culinary Skills - Level 2TF1FE052
Customer Service Practitioner - ApprenticeshipWP00035
Cutting Hair Techniques - Level 2TC1FE13
Cutting Men's Hair - Level 2TC1FE09