Course TitleCourse Code
Ear PiercingTB1EC05
Early Childhood Studies - BA Hons Degree - TopupSM1HE106
Early Childhood Studies - Foundation DegreeSM1HE105
Early Years Educator - Advanced ApprenticeshipWW00034
Early years Practitioner - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWW00037
Early Years Practitioner - Level 2SC1FE395
Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWW00008
Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) - Level 3SC1FE366
Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) - Level 3SC2FE384
Education - T LevelSE1FE383
Education and Training Award (AET) - Level 3ST1EC02
Education and Training Certificate (CET) - Level 4ST1FE01
Education and Training Diploma (DET) - Level 5ST1EC03
Electric Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement - Level 3EN1EE8129
Electrical and Electronic Engineering - HNCET1HE577
Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Level 3 Triple DiplomaEC1FE430
Electrical Installation - Advanced Assessment of Competence (AAC)CE1EC158
Electrical Installation - Level 1CE1FE68
Electrical Installation - Level 3CE1FE071
Electrical Installations - Level 2CE1FE55
Engineering (Aerospace) - BEng Hons DegreeET1HE587
Engineering (Aerospace) - BEng Hons Degree (Part-Time)ET1HE589
Engineering (Mechanical) - BEng Hons DegreeET1HE579
Engineering (Mechanical) - BEng Hons Degree (Part-Time)ET1HE581
Engineering (Mechatronics) - BEng Hons DegreeET1HE580
Engineering (Mechatronics) - BEng Hons Degree (Part-Time)ET1HE582
Engineering - Fast Track to DegreeEC1FE424
Engineering - Level 2EC1FE412
Engineering - Level 3EC1FE419
Engineering - Level 3 Combined DiplomaEC1FE267
Engineering - Level 3 Double DiplomaEC1FE416
Engineering - Level 3 Triple DiplomaEC1FE418
Engineering Maintenance (Manufacturing Pathway) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00004
Engineering Manufacture (Electrical Engineering) - Level 4 Higher ApprenticeshipEN00077
Engineering Manufacture (Mechanical Engineering) - Level 4 Higher ApprenticeshipEN00076
Engineering Manufacturing (Electrical and Electronic) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00006
Engineering Manufacturing (Fabrication and Welding) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00002
Engineering Manufacturing (Technical Support) - Advanced ApprenticeshipWE00003
Engineering Shipping and Maritime Operations - Level 3MF1FE18
English - GCSEGK1FE2116
English - GCSEGK2FE2076
English - GCSEGK2FE2096
English - GCSEGK1FE2086
English - GCSE (Fast Track)GK1FE2105
English - Level 1GB1FE1807
English - Level 1 (Functional Skills)GB1FE1980
English - Level 2 (Functional Skills)GB1FE1981
English - Level 2 (Functional Skills)GB1FE1808
English for Literacy and Language Teaching - Level 3GT1EC126
English: Language, Literature and Writing - BA Hons DegreeVM1HE05
ESOL (Reading) - Entry Level 3GO1FE322
ESOL (Reading) - Level 1GO1FE337
ESOL (Speaking and Listening) - Entry Level 3GO2FE315
ESOL (Speaking and Listening) - Level 1GO1FE339
ESOL (Writing) - Entry Level 3GO1FE327
ESOL (Writing) - Level 1GO1FE338
ESOL - BeginnersGO1FE333
ESOL - Entry 1GO1FE334
ESOL - Entry 2GO1FE335
ESOL - Entry 3GO1FE336
ESOL - Level 1GO1FE340
Exercise, Movement and DanceGC1EC1334
Exercise, Movement and DanceGC1EC0002
Exercise, Movement and DanceGC1EC003
Eyebrow and Eyelash Treatments - Level 2TB1FE16