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Welcome to Enrolment for September 2022

It’s time to enrol!

We can’t wait to see you at enrolment, if you have already applied for a course starting September 2022 then you should receive your appointment time and enrolment guide in the post by 15 August. If you don’t receive it just contact us to book your onsite enrolment appointment:

If you haven't applied yet then it's not too late!

Make your application on the website and we will be in contact with you to arrange an appointment slot for enrolment.

Enrolment takes place at Bispham Campus, Ashfield Road, FY2 0HB, by appointment only on:

Degree-level Applicants

Monday 22 August, 10am-7pm – by appointment 

Tuesday 23 August, 10am-7pm – by appointment

Aged 17 and 18 Further Education Applicants

Wednesday 24 August, 10am-7pm – by appointment 

School Leaver Applicants

Thursday 25 August (GSCE Results Day), 10am-7pm – by appointment 

Friday 26 August, 10am-4pm – by appointment

Tuesday 30 August, 11am-7pm – by appointment

Adult 19+ Applicants (inc GCSEs)

Wednesday 31 August, 11am-7pm – by appointment 

Thursday 1 September, 11am-7pm – by appointment

If you are unable to make your appointment on the allocated days above, please do not worry. Call our Contact Centre on 01253 504 343 or send them an email and they will arrange an appointment for you.


Getting here

Getting to College is easy and there are several public transport options. You can plan your journey, however you choose to travel, by going to our journey planner here

There will also be free parking provided if you are coming in a car. Parking spaces will be allocated on arrival.

Our Bispham Campus address is: Blackpool and The Fylde College, Ashfield Road, Blackpool FY2 0HB.

At enrolment

You will be greeted on arrival at the Bispham Campus and shown to the Sports Hall where enrolment will take place. We ask that you attend your appointment slot alone as space in the Sports Hall is limited.

School Leavers

Our dedicated School Leaver enrolment takes place at Bispham Campus on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 August. If you are aged between 17 and 18 years of age you will be invited in on 24 August.

If you have not received your enrolment letter BY 15 August, please call us on 01253 504 343 then we can confirm your appointment time.

What you need to bring:

  • Your enrolment letter and guide
  • Your results slip with this year’s GCSE (or equivalent) examination results and certificates for any qualifications you completed before the summer
  • Your completed Financial Support Application Form if relevant
  • Your completed Financial Support Application for a Blackpool Transport 24/7 bus pass if relevant


Our dedicated degree-level onsite enrolment will be taking place at Bispham Campus on Monday 22 August and Tuesday 23 August.

If you have not received your enrolment letter by 15 August, please call us on 01253 504 343 then we can confirm your appointment time.

What you need to bring:

  • Proof of Identity
    You will be required to supply two forms of identification, one to confirm your address and one form of photo ID. Acceptable forms of ID are:
    • Driving License Photo Card
    • Passport
    • Student Loan/Grant Confirmation Letter
    • Bank or Government Agency Certificate
    • Utility Bill
  • UCAS Number (if applied via UCAS)
    Please bring with you your UCAS number as this verifies to Administration Staff enrolling you that you have applied for your course via UCAS. If you have not applied through UCAS you will need to complete a Record of Prior Acceptance (RPA) form with your tutor before you can enrol.

Please note that if you have not applied through UCAS you may not be able to apply for a Student Loan/Grant, also most banks require your UCAS number in order to set up a student bank account.

  • Address Details
    If you are living away from home whilst studying at the College, please bring with you details of your ‘lodging’ address. A record of both your home and lodging address will be kept on record.
  • Next of Kin Details
    You will be asked to provide contact details for a next of kin, someone who we will be able to contact in case of emergencies.

i) Student Finance England Tuition Fee Loan Students

If you have applied for a Tuition Fee Loan you will need to produce the University or College Payment Advice letter. This is a letter which is sent to you from Student Finance England stating that they will be paying the tuition fees on your behalf. 

If Student Finance England are only paying a proportion of the fees, the remainder must be paid in full at enrolment if less than £200, or an instalment plan set up. If you are not able to provide the letter from Student Finance England we will need your Customer Reference Number in order to process your enrolment.

If you are not able to supply the letter or your Customer Reference Number then you will need to set up an instalment plan and pay the first instalment at enrolment, please see below for more information. Upon receipt of the University or College Payment Advice letter the Student Administration Manager will authorise a refund of any payments made. 

Please ensure that you have returned the signed declaration to Student Finance. The College will not receive payment from Student Finance until the form has been received.

ii) Self-financing Students

If you are self-funding your course you will need to either pay the fees in full at enrolment or pay a deposit and set up an instalment plan for the remainder of the fees (see below for more information).
Payments can be made via:

  • Cheque or Bankers Draft made payable to “Blackpool and The Fylde College”
  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Instalment Plan

The instalment plan will consist of 5 equal payments. For example, if your course costs £8,750 the fee will be split into 5 equal instalments of £1,458.

  • Deposit of £1,460 payable at the time of enrolment
  • 5 direct debit instalments of £1,458 commencing 1 November, with the final instalment being 1 March of the following year.

Please ensure you bring your bank details with you in order to set up the instalment plan at enrolment. If the payee is someone other than you, the account holder must be present at enrolment to complete and sign the relevant direct debit documentation.

iii) Sponsored Students

If your employer is paying the Tuition Fees on your behalf you will need to provide a letter on company letterhead to confirm this. The letter should include:

  • the amount your employer is paying for the current academic year*
  • the full postal address of where the invoice is to be sent
  • any other specific information ie purchase order number if applicable

The Finance Department will then invoice your employer directly for the tuition fee.

*Please note: if your employer is paying for your tuition fees for subsequent years a letter will be required for each academic year.

Adult Students

Our dedicated onsite enrolment for adult courses will be taking place at Bispham Campus on Wednesday 31 August and Thursday 1 September.

If you have not received your enrolment letter by 15 August, please call us on 01253 504 343 then we can confirm your appointment time.

What you need to bring:

  • Evidence of your qualifications mentioned in your application
  • Your National Insurance Number (Only required if you are receiving benefits and your course fees are being waived or if you have been referred by Job Centre Plus)
  • Adult Learner Loan reference number (if your course is eligible for funding via the Adult Learner Loan) - if you haven’t already applied for your Adult Learner and need your learning and funding information to enable you to do this, contact the Admissions Team on 01253 504322

Low Wage Initiative

If your fees are being waived via the low wage initiative, you will also need to bring the following:

  • Wage slips
  • Bank statements
  • P60
  • Most recent tax return (if self-employed)

Find out more about fees and funding for adult students here.

If your employer is paying your course fees

Students whose employers are paying any part of their fees and do not have a contract with B&FC must bring a letter from their employer on company letter headed paper to confirm what is being paid for, including course and value, and provide a purchase order, where required, by a sponsoring employer.


If you have applied for an apprenticeship and have an employer in place you will be contacted by the Apprenticeship Team to complete your sign-up.  If you don’t have an employer in place you will be invited in to discuss your next steps and an appointment will be sent out by letter. If you have not received your letter by 15 August, please call us on 01253 504 343 then we can confirm your appointment time.


For enrolment on one of our Gateway courses, you will be contacted separately by the Gateway Team.  You can contact the Gateway Team by emailing


If you have not already enrolled you will be invited into Enrolment for Maths or English GCSE courses, on Wednesday 31 August and Thursday 1 September.  You contact the GCSE Team by emailing


If you have applied for a Maritime course then your enrolment appointment has been sent out by letter. If you have not received your letter by Monday 15 August, please call us on 01253 504 322 then we can confirm your appointment time.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have received confirmation of an offer for your course then you can enrol when you arrive to move into your student accommodation at Fleetwood Nautical Campus, on Sunday 4 September. If you would like to do this please confirm by emailing , you will then receive joining instructions for your course.


To arrange enrolment on one of our Functional Skills courses or ESOL, please contact us by emailing

Frequently asked questions

I can't make my appointment for enrolment, can it be changed? 

Yes, call our contact centre on 01253 504 343 and they will be happy to rearrange this for you.

Do I need to attend my enrolment appointment on my own?

Yes, unless you require assistance, we ask that you attend your appointment alone.

I want to apply for a course (starting September 2022) after enrolment has started, what do I need to do?

Call our contact centre on 01253 504 343 with the details of the course you would like to apply for.  We will then book you an appointment for enrolment, where you will have an interview with a tutor who will check you meet the entry requirements and direct you to the right course for you.

Can I attend enrolment without an appointment?

No, you must contact us on 01253 504 343 to book an appointment before attending.

What happens if I don't get the grades I was expecting?

Firstly, don't worry. B&FC is here to help!

We have lots of courses here at B&FC - and experts who can help find the right course to match your needs.

You can discuss all your course options, at enrolment.

Didn't get the results you wanted or want some advice on your options?

Our award-winning Careers Team can help to point you in the right direction.

Please email to make an appointment.

I want to change my course

We want to make sure your course is exactly what you need for your future career. If you've been offered a place and want to discuss other course options, you can do this at enrolment.

I’ve logged in and have a few different offers. Which one do I accept?

If you've applied for a number of different courses over the last few months, simply accept your preferred option.

If you want expert help on the right course to choose, we can sort this at enrolment. 

My personal details have changed since I applied

Get in touch with us at or call 01253 504 343.

When does my course start?

You'll be provided with this information at enrolment by the tutor, along with your start time, meeting point and induction information. You will also receive information on how to log in to the College systems.

When do I apply for a student loan?

19+ courses

Advanced Learner Loans are available for many 19+ further education courses, and are available up to the full cost of your course.

You don't need to pay back an Advanced Learner Loan until you're earning at least £27,295 a year.

Before applying for an Advanced Leaner Loan you'll need a Learning and Funding Information and Offer Letter. We'll send you this letter during the summer before the start of your course.

How to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan

Financial support for adult students

Degree-level courses

You don't need a confirmed place to apply for student finance.

You can still apply for funding up to 9 months after the first day of the academic year for your course.

How to apply for student finance

Financial support for higher education students


All courses for 16-18s are funded by the government. Additional financial support maybe available dependent on your circumstances.

Financial support for 16-18s