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The Gallery

A stunning space to explore the visual arts with an eclectic and challenging programme of exhibitions

Welcome to The Gallery at Blackpool School of Arts, a place which inspires creativity through an ambitious and varied year-round exhibition programme featuring work from both current students and professional artists.

Underpinned by the School's ethos of a creative community of practice and supported by its three pillars - Process, Connectivity and Community - The Gallery aims to delight, challenge and stimulate audiences with artworks that explore a diverse range of contemporary themes in modern art whilst pushing the possibilities of materials, media and technologies.

As well as featuring students' end of year shows in both fine art and photography, the Gallery has, in the past, exhibited work from such luminaries as Damien Hirst and Tracy Emin and continues to attract the attention of artists locally, nationally and internationally as an exhibition space.

We are always open to receiving proposals from artists, art collectives and curators who would like to exhibit in the Gallery and are happy to consider work from creatives at any stage of their career to share their ideas with us and help influence the next generation of creative practitioners; our students.

Jeffrey Hammond: Still Life Painting

December 2022 - February 2023

How does one go about teaching oneself to paint? By trying to make the task as easy as possible? Focusing on “inanimate” objects in a setting where one has command over composition and lighting leaving one free to concentrate on the business of looking, seeing and transcribing that into paint. However, to begin with the early paintings were usually preceded by a pencil drawing.

What began as purely a learning process quickly developed into the realisation that part of the enjoyment that could be shared was also about a desire to make something new of the genre. A sense of theatre coupled with a feeling that there was nearly always a story behind each new picture.

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Curator: Aaron Tonks Email: Address: University Centre, Park Road, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 4ES Opening Times: Monday - Friday: 09:30am - 4.30pm