Employability Coaches

B&FC benefits from an experienced team of employability coaches, all dedicated to supporting your progression through to further and higher education, and to employment.

What do they do?

Employability coaches help you to improve in key areas so that you have the best chance of success in the future. These areas might be College related, such as attendance and coursework, or they might be of a more personal nature, involving your safety and wellbeing. Whatever the issue, our experienced team can help.

Who can they help?

Any student who is identified as benefitting from direct support can be referred to our Employability Coaching (EC) Team. The team also provides guaranteed support from the start of the academic year for students covered by the following:

  • Looked After Children (LAC) and Care Leavers
  • Young Carers (YCs)
  • Youth Offending Team (YOT)
  • Educational Diversity

How can they help?

Our employability coaches provide a range of help and support to ensure you achieve success on your course so that you can confidently progress through to further and higher education, and to employment. Below are the key areas on which we work with you to improve:

  • Attendance – This might involve us getting in touch with tutors, agencies and parents/carers to provide all-round support.
  • Coursework – We’ll work with you to set achievable targets and provide practical support through one-to-one meetings.
  • Employability – We’ll provide volunteering, events and fundraising opportunities to improve your employability and support your all-round development.
  • Pastoral – This is about supporting your personal wellbeing, including everything from housing to mental health.

B&FC Inspire

The EC Team also run something called B&FC Inspire. This is an ongoing programme of events and activities that all further education students can sign up to, to develop new skills, build confidence and increase employability.

Contact us

To find out more about how our employability coaches can support you, contact us on T 01253 504 363 or E ecteam@blackpool.ac.uk or drop into one of our Careers Zones.