Dean Park


Dean Park


Dean returned to education as a mature student, having not progressed beyond school and suffering personal problems that culminated in him being homeless. He first did an apprenticeship then went on to study higher education part-time at B&FC, while working two jobs.

The skills Dean learned enabled him to build systems for employers and also begin freelance work as a web developer. Dean then progressed to an honours degree, eventually using the synergy between his industrial and academic experiences to enhance each, this time as a Lecturer for Computing.

As time went on, Dean managed various programmes within both further and higher education, developed new resources and subject specialisms, and built complex systems for small and medium-sized businesses. He has always aimed to excel as a tutor, who could provide better opportunities for his students than he could ever have dreamt of for himself.

Dean’s recent achievements include the development of the Software Engineering and Game Development curriculum (now revalidated with an App Development specialist stream), the re-development of the Network Engineering (Cyber Security/Systems Administration) programme and gaining BCS Accreditation in collaboration with his colleagues.

Expert In...

• programming (C+/Java/C#)
• game development (DirectX/Android)
• web design (HTML/CSS/JS)
• web development (PHP/ASP.NET)
• databases (XML/JSON/MySQL/SQL Server)

Qualifications and Accolades

• BSc. (Hons) Information Technology (Lancaster University)
• PGCE (Lancaster University)
• CCNA 1 (Cisco)

Industry Background

I have worked as a freelance web designer/developer and undertaken consultancy work for software and web development. I also built scholarNet v1.0 (an internal system for sharing good academic practice).

Professional Activities

• development of game engines and frameworks using industry-focused techniques and APIs
• development of new curriculum to meet evolving challenges in the computing sector and provide high quality for our students
• management of dissertations and undergraduate research for computing

Why B&FC?

Computing at B&FC has excellent hardware and software resources that receive constant investment and updates to meet the needs of an evolving curriculum in the digital age. We have programmes accredited by the British Computer Society, excellent learning resource and classroom environments, a welcoming open-door policy to aid students in achievement and a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere.

Our Lancaster University validated programmes mean that quality is guaranteed and the qualifications gained recognised highly throughout industry. We support students from all entry points and at any stage of their career development, with a timetable that allows you to combine study with other commitments.

Working with industry partners in all computing specialist areas facilitates regular updates to course content and delivery, making us constantly future-focused and industry-ready. When you complete a programme with us, you will enhance your skills and become more attractive to industry.

With our excellent curriculum, facilities, support, knowledge and committed staff, the question isn’t ‘Why B&FC?’ – it’s ‘Why anywhere else!’


“Inside your mind you will see, Cosmic Eternity.” –
Hataya, N. Ogata, M. Cosmic Eternity. Sonic CD [Sega Mega CD], 1993