Kerry Hogg

Programme Leader

Kerry Hogg


Kerry has worked for B&FC since 2003, working with students aged 14 to 24 who have a variety of learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

As a result, she has gained significant knowledge and experience in the areas of mental health, and behavioural, social and economic difficulties.

While working at B&FC, Kerry has taught English, maths, catering, employability and personal development skills.

Expert In...

• English
• catering
• co-ordinating work experience
• pastoral care
• working with students who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities
• working with students who have emotional and behavioural difficulties

Qualifications and Accolades

• BA (Hons) English and Communication
• Cert Ed
• Intermediate Food Hygiene
• Bakery 1201/1, 1201/2, NVQ 3 Craft Baking

Industry Background

My industry experience comes from the bakery and confectionary sector, where I also developed my management skills.

Professional Activities

Continually updating my skills through B&FC’s programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Why B&FC?

You should choose B&FC to study for your future career because we are outstanding in everything we do.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela