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Welcome to Adult Arts School

Learn a new creative skill or revive an existing on one of our specialist adult arts courses and join a community of like-minded, creative individuals with a passion for designing and making.

Fashion production course
Printing 2
Fashion production course Dressmaking Camera Printing 2 Dance
Fashion production course
Printing 2

Courses January to March 2023

Art, Print and Design Courses

From complete beginners to more experienced students, our wide range of courses cater to anyone with an interest in art, design or printmaking. From making your first making to becoming a competent watercolourist, you can explore, design and create in various media using both long established and new methods to produce your own portfolio of work.

Creative Mindfulness

I've always wanted to Draw and Paint

Print Club - Advanced Print Techniques

Print Club: Intermediate Printmaking

Fashion and Textiles

Whether you want to promote fashion or design it, we have a number of innovative short courses that will allow you to build a wealth of knowledge in a specialist area or gain a broader perspective across a range of fashion disciplines. If fabric and textiles is more your thing, then you can learn a number of traditional and modern techniques to create and embellish fabrics.

Create Your Own Fashion Editorial

Fashion Design - Couture Finishing Techniques

Fashion Design - Cultural Studies

Fashion Design - Designing and Drawing for Fashion

Fashion Production Skills

Fashion Styling and Photography

Sustainable Fashion - Upcycle Your Wardrobe

Sustainable Fashion - Denim Doodles with Jules

Tailoring and Advanced Fashion Production

Textile Techniques - Creative Workshop

Textile Techniques - Embroidery for Beginners


If you want to get creative with your digital camera and move out of auto mode, then our photography courses will take you through both the basic and more advanced camera settings, allowing you to optimise your camera's shooting mode before helping you to develop post production skills in Adobe Photoshop.

Digital Photography - Beginners


Taking your first step on stage or simply keeping fit through movement and dance, our performance led short courses all look to explore your creativity through physical expression.

Exercise, Movement and Dance


For details of all the arts school courses on offer to our adult learners, please go to our course search page.