Fees and Funding for Degree Students

Don’t let finance hold you back. With no upfront fees to pay1, funding you don’t need to pay back until you start earning over £25,000, low-cost loans and a whole range of other incentives, financing your course may be easier than you think.

Fees and loans

Competitive fees

At £8,250per year, our tuition fees for full-time undergraduate courses offer great value for money. Fees for part-time higher education courses will be charged on a pro rata basis. 

Fees for part-time students

Students studying part of a higher education qualification (for example, a proportion of the modules) will be charged on a pro rata basis. Students undertaking full higher education on a part-time basis must pay the full annual higher education fee. It may however be possible to pay the fee in smaller instalments rather than paying the full cost upfront.

Fees for Higher National Certificate (HNC) students

HNC course fees are £8,2502. However they may be studied over multiple years so payment can be staggered. For autumn starts running over 2 full academic years, payment is 50% per year at the start of each year. For HNCs starting in January/February that run over 3 academic years, payment is 50% per year for the first 2 years and nothing in year 3. 

Other costs and equipment needed

Additional costs relating to your course are specified on the main course page. You can discuss the detail of these either with our Student Support Team or with a member of the relevant Curriculum Area Team. 

A tuition fee loan with nothing to pay upfront

Student loans are available to cover the full cost of your tuition fees.1 You don’t have to pay anything upfront1 and there’s nothing to pay back until you’re qualified and earning at least £25,725 a year3.

A maintenance loan to help makes ends meet during study

If you’re studying a full-time course you can apply for a maintenance loan to help with living costs. Maintenance loans depend on your household income: if you’re under 25 and living with parents/guardians the maximum you can get is £7,529, those over 25 or living away from home could get up to the maximum £8,9444.

Nothing to repay until you’re earning £25,725 a year

The great thing about both tuition fee and maintenance loans is that you don’t need to pay anything back until you’re earning at least £25,7253 a year. The table below gives you an idea of what your monthly repayments could be.

Annual income before taxMonthly repayment

International students

If you’re an international student, see our International Students page for details of what and how to pay.

Non-repayable government financial support

Help for parents

If you’re a parent studying a full-time degree-level course you could access the Parents’ Learning Allowance, worth up to £1,716 a year.1 The allowance is dependent on your household income and usually paid in three instalments. There is also the Childcare Grant, which covers up to 85% of your childcare costs - up to £169.31 a week for 1 child and up to £290.27 a week for 2 or more children.1

Help for those supporting an adult partner or relative

For full-time degree-level students who support an adult dependant, the Adult Dependants’ Grant could give you up to £3,007 additional funding each year.1 An adult dependant is usually your husband, wife, partner or civil partner, but could also be a relative, such as a parent or grandparent. It cannot be an adult child.

If you’re under 25, the adult dependant cannot be your partner unless you’re married or in a civil partnership

Help if you have a disability

The Disabled Students’ Allowance is available for any student with a learning difficulty, health problem or disability. This is in addition to any other finance you claim. The amount you receive isn’t income based: it’s based on your individual needs and intended to cover any extra study-related costs you incur due to your health condition.

The allowance is worth:

  • up to £5,684 (specialist equipment)1
  • up to £22,603 (non-medical helper)1
  • up to £1,899 a year (general)1

Non-repayable financial support from B&FC

Up to £500 with B&FC’s Advantage Bursary

We offer a means-tested bursary of up to £500 to help towards the cost of equipment (books, tablet etc) you might need for your course. This is awarded in the first year of study only (2 x £250 instalments) to eligible undergraduate students only ie new full-time level 4 UK home students or EU nationals who have been living permanently in the UK for the last 5 years.

We only have a limited number of bursaries available so we will assess your eligibility using data supplied by Student Finance England. Students sponsored by an employer or in paid employment are not eligible.

You will need to apply for the bursary before the first day of the month in which your course starts (ie 1 September for courses starting in September and 1 January for courses starting in January).

B&FC Higher Education Advantage Bursary Terms and Conditions 2019/20

£1,000 a year with B&FC’s Access Scholarship

If you’re a care leaver, young carer or estranged student (young student without the support of a family network) you could receive £1,000 for each year you study (2 annual payments of £500 up to a maximum of 3 years) with our Access Scholarship.

If you’re studying part-time, the amount will be paid pro rata and you must be studying a minimum of 25% of the full-time course each year. To be eligible you must be a new UK home student or EU national who has been living permanently in the UK for the last 5 years. You cannot receive the award if you are repeating a study year or doing a placement year.

You will need to apply for the scholarship before the first day of the month in which your course starts (ie 1 September for courses starting in September and 1 January for courses starting in January) using the form below.

B&FC Higher Education Advantage Bursary and Access Scholarship Application Form

B&FC is a winner of the Standalone National Excellence and Innovation Award 2018 for supporting HE students who are estranged from their families throughout their learning journey.

Hardship fund

In exceptional cases, B&FC can access extra funding for those who find themselves facing financial hardship. This will obviously depend on the individual circumstances. Speak to one of our advisers to find out more.

FREE breakfast

As a B&FC student, you’re entitled to a FREE healthy breakfast every morning while you’re at College.

Additional support

Supplement your income

A part-time job could help you to supplement your income. Once you’ve enrolled you can check local vacancies via our online Job Shop. We’re happy to advise you about how to find a suitable position, whether that’s to help make ends meet during your studies or when you’re graduating and ready to start or move forward in your career.

Members of the Armed Forces

If you’re a member of the Armed Forces you may be eligible to claim funding for your course through the MoD’s Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELS).

Degree student case study:

Twenty-seven year-old mum-of-three Sophie Ashton has worked as a healthcare assistant for 13 years. Keen to move on in her career, she took the plunge and applied to B&FC’s University Centre to start the Foundation Degree Health and Social Care.

“The thought of doing a degree really put me off because I didn’t realise all of the student finance that was in place. With having three children, I was worried we were going to lose everything and not be able to provide for them like we had been doing. But when you really look into it and find out what is available it really is achievable."

What Sophie receives (based on 2018/19 funding allowances):

  • A tuition fee loan to cover the full cost of her fees
  • £1,669 a year Parents’ Learning Allowance (increased to £1,716 for 2019/20)
  • £2,925 a year Adult Dependants’ Grant because her partner earns below a certain amount (increased to £3,007 for 2019/20)
  • £282.36 a week to cover childcare costs for her three children - nursery, breakfast and afterschool clubs (increased to £290.27 a week for 2019/20)
  • specialist 1-2-1 support to help with her dyslexia
  • £8,700 maintenance loan (increased to £8,944 for 2019/20)
  • £500 Advantage Bursary
  • 25% discount on Council Tax
  • FREE healthy breakfast every morning

"When I looked into it and I found out there were grants available I started to think I can afford to do this.”

Contact us

Our advisers are here to help with all aspects of funding. Contact us on T 01253 504224 or E SSFunds@blackpool.ac.uk.

Disclaimer: All government figures apply to the 2019/20 academic year and may be subject to increases in subsequent years of your course.

1Eligibility applies – gov.uk

2Please note: our course fees are subject to changes in government information and we reserve the right to update our fees accordingly.

3 Applies to English and Welsh students only - for full terms and conditions go to https://www.gov.uk/repaying-your-student-loan

4 Based on studying outside London and not living with parents