Applicant FAQs

Message from Bev Robinson OBE, Principal and Chief Executive

In these unprecedented times, our priority is to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our students, prospective students and employees whilst ensuring that learning, teaching and support continues.

I wanted to update you personally to explain what B&FC is doing to support you, our new applicants, to successfully progress to the College as seamlessly as possible.

I want to reassure our applicants that your place at B&FC is secure and to say to school leavers, that we will work with your schools to ensure we fully understand the grades which most accurately reflect your hard work throughout your time at school so that working together, you can realise your full potential.

In our frequently asked questions section (FAQs), we answer your key questions. These are regularly revised as this unprecedented situation evolves.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on T 01253 504322 or email

We understand that this is a concerning time, however we will work closely with each of you to support you to progress on your chosen pathway.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and support.

 General applicant FAQs

Can I make a new application?

Yes. You can still make an application online. Choose your course from the appropriate menu on our homepage and apply direct from your chosen course page.

If you would like more information about our courses:

My course is due to start in September. Will it be delayed?

We are still planning for a September start however we will continue to monitor the situation and follow the government’s advice. If changes are required to our start dates, we will communicate with you directly.

Are open/applicant events still taking place? 

We will soon launch weekly virtual open events where you can talk to our course enquiries team about B&FC and your options. We'll keep you updated here when we have more news to share. 

    Is there a deadline for applying?

    Please apply as soon as possible so that your application is in the system ready for a September 2020 start.

    Once you have applied, we will keep you up-to-date with the latest information about your course and any other important information.

    What if I’m unsure about my chosen course?

    Please contact our award-winning Careers Team for advice and guidance.

    Do I still need to confirm my place?

    Yes, if you wish to accept an offer please let us know as soon as you can.

    I have questions about funding. Who can I speak to?

    Please contact our Careers Team for advice and guidance.

    What if I don’t meet the conditions of my offer?

    If you don’t meet the conditions of your offer, we will consult with the curriculum about your next steps, including - if necessary - being supported to find a suitable, alternative course.

    When will I receive my timetable?

    We aim to provide all students with timetable information prior to enrolment. Keep checking our website for up-to-date details.

    Will I still be able to enrol?

    We will contact you over the summer with guidance on how to enrol and when this will take place.

    How will I complete my studies and how will this affect my grades?


    This information is from Ofqual, which is an organisation that regulates GCSEs. 

    All GCSE summer 2020 examinations have been cancelled. However, that does not mean that students will not receive a grade for all their hard work during this academic year.

    The Department for Education has set out how students will receive grades for their GCSE work. This will be done by asking lecturers to estimate the grades that students would have got if there had not been any disruption to the teaching and examinations.

    To provide these estimated grades, lecturers will use a wide range of evidence, including classwork and homework, together with the results of mock exams and assignments.

    Grades will hopefully be available by August.

    It is important to remember that lecturers cannot comment on the estimated grades, nor upon the grades that students will ultimately be awarded. Student results are decided by examination boards, who take into consideration the information that B&FC has supplied.

    How will my grade be calculated?

    Your grade will be calculated in two ways. Teachers have been asked to:

    1. Provide the exam boards with a predicted grade. This is the grade that your lecturers believe you would have been most likely to achieve if your GSCEs had not been disrupted and you would have sat your examinations as normal. To do this, your lecturers will consider your work in class, for homework, the results of your assignments and mock exams.  
    2. Create a list of all their students’ grades, ranked from highest to lowest and send this to the exam boards.  This is being done in order to help exam boards make sure that the grades being awarded are not too generous or not generous enough.
    Will my predicted grade automatically become my actual grade?

    Your predicted grade will not automatically become your actual grade. It is the exam boards that will decide upon your grade. Exam boards use the predicted grades and the lists of student grades to make their final decisions. 

    Can I find out what my predicted grade is?

    No. Your predicted grade is confidential and cannot be disclosed. You must not, therefore, contact your lecturers about your predicted grades as they cannot tell you. 

    When will I receive my grades?

    It is planned that your grades will be issued in August. However, it is possible that they might be available earlier. Whenever they are released, we will let you know. 

    Will these GCSE grades be different from the ones awarded to students in previous years?

    No. The GCSE grades awarded will hold the same value as any other GCSE grades. You can use them to apply for further or higher education and employment in exactly the same way as before.  

    What should I be doing?

    You should still be completing any assignments and attending mathematics/English sessions. 

    For more information, visit the Ofqual website.

    Technical and vocational qualifications including BTEC

    On 9 April Ofqual confirmed that technical and vocational qualifications, such as BTEC will be treated in the same way as GCSEs, AS and A levels, with students who are due to complete their qualification in the summer of 2020 receiving an estimated grade.

    This will be done by asking lecturers to estimate the grades that students would have got if there had not been any disruption to the teaching and examinations. 

    Due to the large number of these technical and vocational qualifications, coupled with their complexity, Ofqual is still working with awarding bodies, such as BTEC, to finalise a list of qualifications in scope for students to receive an estimated grade.

    In the next few weeks, Ofqual will provide further details for every college and school to follow when calculating and submitting estimated grades for their students.   

    Read the latest information from Ofqual.

     School leaver FAQs

    My exams have been cancelled. Will this affect my place at B&FC?

    Even though your exams may have been cancelled this does not mean that you will not receive a grade for all of your hard work.We are keeping up to date with the Department of Education and awarding bodies and will keep you informed of any further developments.

    I haven't had an interview yet. What happens next?

    Don’t worry - all new applicants aged between 16 and 18 will be called by a tutor over the next few weeks to discuss their application and receive an offer on the most appropriate course for them.

     Higher education FAQs

    I’ve applied to study a degree-level course. Can I still apply for my HE loan and maintenance grant?

    Yes. You can apply/continue your application online.

    I've applied through UCAS. What’s my next step?

    UCAS will be in touch with you about your application and any changes to the UCAS process.

    They have a number of FAQs on their website, which may be found here

    What if I want to defer my place? 

    We are planning to welcome you to B&FC this September. However, if you would like to defer your place, please contact our Admissions team to discuss this. 

     Adult student FAQs

    I’m an adult student and want to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan. How can I do this?

    We will keep you informed of available finance and funding, including the Advanced Learner Loan.

    The portal to apply for a loan is scheduled to open in June and we will be in touch to let you know details closer to the time.